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Stepping was brought to the Bay Area in November of 2003 by Damone and Malik. They had a vision to create an environment where mature adults could get dressed to the nines, and go out dancing. The first step was to search for an instructor that was qualified to teach, so Damone turned to the internet and came across Dan Land of SteppersExpress.com. Mr. Land recommended Dave Maxx, Founder/Instructor of M.A.K 3 Dance Club. Damone contacted Maxx to discuss the project and Maxx agreed to teach in the Bay Area once a month. He taught the fundamentals of stepping while stressing the integrity of the dance. In March of 2004 Damone and Malik joined M.A.K 3 and went through an intense certification program that’s required by all members in order to become instructors.

And the rest is history…


Special Thanks to all of the students and instructors that helped cultivate stepping here in the Bay Area.

  1. Dave Maxx (All M.A.K 3 Instructors)  
  2. Donnie Davis-(The Dance Master  
  3. Claudell      
  4. Lady Margaret   
  5. Sherida    
  6. Tykmyn
  7. Charneice 
  8. Steppin B   
  9. Andre Blackwell (Dre and Company)  
  10. Angie Faine  
  11. Keith Hubbard
  12. Pete Frazier
  13. “Unique”Maurice Turner
  14. Monique Salter



  1. Larry
  2. Marcus
  3. Cynthia Shanks
  4. Calvin Barnes
  5. Moe    
  6. Swan (Malik)
  7. Dominque 
  8. Lee Lee
  9. Kevin Collins (Detroit)
  10. Cheri (Detroit)    







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